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Is this another one of those: "TOO . . .GOOD . . . TO . . . BE . . . TRUE!" opportunity?! Of course you'd expect my response to be "No." However, it is "no" for very good reasons... not the least of which are my name and reputation considering my being a, believer, a minister and a future consideration (not be be mentioned here but will be disclosed in the Main phase of this program) should this venture develop as anticipated. Simply, we are an information/GPT program providing you viable information on how to earn money using the Internet. But that is not all. We, also, are a business contractor providing you, that is, if you follow our directions and instructions, we will contract with you for $35,000 (registered tax paying US citizens ONLY) per year in ADDITION to what you earn following our instructions.


Our History

Jobs4Profit-International isn't new. Just this Phase is new. I have been helping people make money on the Internet for more than ten years. But, my efforts, unfortunately, haven't been too successful. It seems that people have been jaded by incessant scams on the Internet and have been conditioned to believe that " . . . if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!" But with all the problems with the Corona Virus, maybe that will all change. Maybe the doubt and apprehension and forcing people to remain POOR (Passing Over Opportunities REPEATEDLY!)And although :"This MAY sound TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! . . . .) may now get people to think; "But, WHAT if it ISN'T!" Think about it!


Mark C. Pendleton



  Mark C. Pendleton


NOW ... It's YOUR Turn To Soar!!!

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Payment Gateways


Do you want to get paid? If so YOU MUST  have accounts with either Payza or PayPal (if you live in Texas), or one of the following. PLEASE MAKE SURE to have your accounts established BEFORE you complete the "JOIN" application.


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The banner below is for a religious global ministry. IF you are interested in helping a program that helps people click the banner and see if there are offers of interest to you which when you click the links will add to their coffers. to edit text

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