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A Star-Ckicks Strategy

Star-Clicks 2.jpg

The program listed in this strategy is available also in the "CORE" programs listed on this site, of which you are free to select as one of the 2 programs you are required to

join as a condition requirement of you membership with this program. As such daily participation on its GPT (Get Paid To click opportunities) qualifies as compliance with the 5 hour

participation requirement of said same. Should you opt to implement this strategy you may do so, HOWEVER, said activity VOIDs weekly participation requirement, and therefore,

you must select ANOTHER program from the "CORE" to satisfy the participation requirement, EXCEPT for the activity associated with the "SILVER" membership.

Go to the following link and join, if you have not already, Star-Clicks website. Once you have joined, UPGRADE to either "GOLD" membership status or "PLATINUM" membership status. As a GOLD member you will receive daily click opportunities that will total $5.00 per day. The upgrade fee is $29.95 per month (currently there is a special discounted rate of $19.95 per month). At a daily earnings rate of $5.00 you will earn $150.00 per months for this upgrade. In fact, Star-Clicks recommends you upgrade to GOLD status first, then, with the earnings on the GOLD membership status to the "PLATINUM" membership status which is $49.95 per month (but in all actuality it is free, because there was no additional out-of-pocket cost). As a PLATINUM status member you will earn $7.50 per day for 30 days totaling a whopping $225.00 per month. Now, this differs from the WESA strategy in that it is less expensive for the short run, since the WESA strategy also suggest investing a portion of the monthly earnings into WESA which pays you 50% on top of your existing $50 investment. At any rate, 50% per month you are going to be in fat city very soon. The first month you investment becomes $75.00, to which you add another $50.00 making your investment $125.00. At the end of s your balance grows to $187.50. Then you add another $50.00 making that investment for the month $237.50 which matures into $356.25 and so on. You can see the advantage of WESA over the Star-Clicks strategy. My suggestion why not do both. After the first month of either each subsequent month becomes free.

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