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How Did You Hear About Us?


If you are a US citizen, a member of WSA (We Share Abundance) and are joining our program, we would like to reward WSA members and YOU for their making our program known to you and to you for joining us. Once you complete the first action in our Preliminaries phase of this program we will be rewarding you with $5.00 as-well-as the WSA program with an additional $5.00. The first step in our Preliminaries program is to order a FREE debit Card from netSpend through our referral link. Following banner link:                                . When the card arrives load $40.00 to the card. NetSpend will IMMEDIATELY add an additional $20.00 to your card balance creating a $60.00 initial card balance. Then complete the form following and send it to us and we will add an additional $5.00 to your initial balance giving you a $65.00 balance. You may also participate in our referral program until the promotion ends when our target membership of 1 million active members is reached.

WSA Members Referral Option

By completing this form you are attesting that you are a US citizen and a member of WSA (We Share Abundance), also by doing so you are helping to add to the WSA coffers, which in turn adds to your benefits from WSA as a WSA member.


Mark C. Pendleton



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  Mark C. Pendleton



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