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This is an exceptional opportunity to earn an exceptional income ... FREE! It's free to join and the mining equipment is free to a limited number.  So don't waste time deciding, join free now and order the Hotspot. To mine, just plug it into a wall socket and let it be. 

The current value of HNT (Helium) is about
$13.00 per coin, and so, with your free mining machine that you simply plug into a wall socket if for example it mines you 125 HNT's the HotSpot would have generated $1,625.00 for your doing NOTHING! HOWEVER,  the predicted value of the HNT token by the end of the year is to be about $52.00! Do the math!

We can't possibly impress upon you the lucrativeness of this opportunity, and how fleeting this FREE equipment will be. Once the free opportunity is gone there will be a charge for the units. I am, however, 1,000% serious when I say to you that have, INCREDIBLY,  so much to gain, and ABSOLUTELY, nothing to loose with ZERO risk!

Please sign up
HERE (or the banner below) and get your hotspot mining box ordered. As usual any commissions earned by us from this will go toward reaching the investment pool for the member's benefits.

You do not have to recruit, however, those of you who choose to refer, the sky's the limit. 

After registration and ordering the equipment, iHub will send you the small device to plug into an outlet in your home or apartment. The device has an antenna and this device mines a crypto currency known as HNT (or Helium). This has NOTHING to do with investing in any crypto currencies or even knowing anything about crypto! Their system is set up to pay you in US dollars every two weeks (but they are switching to weekly soon)

If you would like to get an 18 minute explanation of the HotSpot program CLICK HERE for a complete explanation of the entire program and what your involvement could be. After viewing the presentation come back here an join through our link.

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