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Us and Them


So, why should you join us rather than any other GPT (Get Paid To) program trolling around on the Internet? Actually, you should join as many GPT programs that you can find that are legitimate. I mean both they and we are paying you to make money for yourselves. But, what makes us different from the rest?

Each time you perform an assigned task when the respective timer expires, you make money. All-be-it a rather meager amount, but still the same you make money. But with "Them" to make a substantial amount you either will have to upgrade or generate a substantial downline or both. With us, however, we offer something different than ALL the rest. NO, clicking our links you DO NOT make money, like the others unless you join the respective program and perform their assigned tasks. In fact, with us you must join at least 2 programs and do the work provided for only 5 hours a week. You still make the meager amounts, however, your rewards are much greater with us as I will explain in a moment. One thing to note is that all GPT sites sell advertising to the links they host on their sites. In most cases they do not own the respective site their banners advertise. We do not sell advertising. Each site listed on our site we, ourselves, are members. If you join the link from our referral banner then you , in effect, work for us as well as for the program for which you do the assigned tasks. But one major difference since we DO NOT sell advertising space is that we KNOW that each of the links hosted on our site are legitimate. That is a claim that NO GPT site can make. With each banner/link on our site you have the assurance that the resuling program is legitimate. We do our DD (Due Diligence) making sure that the respective programs to which you are re-directed ARE . . . LEGIT . . . PROGRAMS! Take example "" Cashmix is appearing all over the Internet, claiming to be the b"best paying program," on many GPT sites. Yet most all scam/review services sites WARN against getting involved with Cashmix. The reason why Cashmix is so pervasive is that the owners of Cashmix pay the respective GPT to host their banners and links. It gets hosted because they paid the GPT site to host their link. This is a common practice with GPT sites, not determining whether their client is legit or not. Another example is the program called "," which claims to be the largest influence in the industry boasting paying over $44,000,000 USD to its membership, however, not a cent has been paid. But my absolute favorite scams are those programs which claim you can earn, the least amount I have seen is $100.00 per day and the most I have seen is $1200.00 per day and more, by exchanging from one crypto currency to another and back again. They recommend 2 exchanges, however, one one the exchanges is a total rip-offs. They claim that your first earning is in as little as 5 minutes or not more than 15 minutes. So when you make the first deposit, the funds are gone. Don't be taken in by these charlatans. EVEN if their links are on reputable GPT sites that you trust. Do your DD before committing funds to ANY program ALL GPT site make this same error. They do not due their DD with their clients.

All that to say this, if you join the programs on our site through our links rest assured that respective programs are legitimate and will pay you for the work you do for them. We have done the DD. So, what makes us different. The difference between US and THEM is that we hire you as sub-contractors for us and the work you do, while you are earning money for yourselves, you do for us as well. It is worth it to us to pay you $35,000.00 every year while you work as our sub-contractors. Unlike to make a substantial living with them you only have to work a maximum of 5 hours per week. If you want to do more, that totally, is up to you. To make that kind of money annually with them, you would have to upgrade and build massive downlines.

Its simple, look at the picture of the baby throwing money out the window.. By NOT joining us that is exactly what you will be doing. You may recognize the child as Spanky MacFarland of the "Little Rascals", but what he is doing is exactly what you will be doing should you choose not to join us in favor of those other guys. We respect you and the work you do for us because your work will be helping us to reach our investment goal.

So that is why you should join us and not pass on another opportunity to attain a level of financial independence. You also, can augment your income by joining the other guys, and we encourage you to do so. But, by passing our opportunity you are throwing money away.

Yeah . . . we know this sounds to good to be true. But consider, what if it isn't and become just another one of those people who chooses to remain POOR. And by POOR I mean Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly. So, what have you got to lose. The program is 100% FREE, there are NO referral needs, and NEVER any out-of-pocket expenses. Plus, by completing the "Preliminaries" you WILL make a considerable amount of money right off the bat.

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  Mark C. Pendleton

Maybe you want to join Spanky in throwing $35,000.00 or $1,000,000 USD out the window . . . we, however, sincerely hope not!

Mark C. Pendleton




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