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Someone, somebody, and/or something is keeping track of all your activities on the Internet . . . ESPECIALLY GOOGLE!. They are cataloging and categorizing your every stroke, and selling that information to numerous interested parties, . . .  and they are NOT paying you a cent! This is why Tapestri was born. Tapestri is born out of the idea that “it’s your data, we all should get paid for it.” Tapestri’s founding team, lead by founder Walter Harrison, has over a decade of experience monetizing data and truly believes the consumer, not the advertiser or the brand, should be the focal point in the data supply chain. We hope to empower a new ecosystem that provides value and equitably compensates everyday consumers for one of their most valuable assets - their data. 




Following are the instruction for you to claim the Investment/Payment for the Tapestri program noted above. UNDERSTAND THERE IS A NO PAYMENT REQUIRED. Just download the app to your smartphone and follow instructions on the app site. Your membership automatically allows you to become an affiliate. Should you decide to avail yourself and refer others to the program. You will receive $1.00 for each referral. Also, you will find other opportunities to earn money like playing games

  Mark C. Pendleton

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