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A WESA Strategy

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Everyone that is a member of this program is a member of WESA either by following "Preliminaries" or through the By-In Option. Either way to meet the requirements of this program you must be an active member of WESA. This page is a strategy presented to increase the daily earnings of the program since you have to log in daily and read the mail you

might as well get extra money. NOW THIS IS ONLY A RECOMMENDATION and not a requirement. You make the final decision.

Now, go to YOUR WESA account and sign in. When you sign in you will see the the blue radial button that says:  WeShareAbundance  click the downward pointing arrow and click Pool Options link. A new page will open and you will see 6 Pool Options. As a FREE member you receive $0.01 cents per day. If you select an option beyond the FREE option, your daily earnings will increase to a specified amount for 30 days. That means that your daily reward will increase to an accumulated amount for 30 days. So, if you select option 6 you will receive $8.00 USD each day you log in for 30 days totaling $240.40. Your cost to reach that level is $125.00, however, your income after the 30 days is $115.00. Then, you can invest $50.00 USD each month and earn 50% each month. Do this, if you choose, and your net worth will skyrocket. NOTE: if you take this strategy you will have only $125.00 USD out-of-pocket the first month and $10.00 USD the second month, then after that your money will be working for you. Now remember this is ONLY a recommendation. The WESA strategy is as follows: the WESA strategy suggests investing a portion of the monthly earnings from the pools into WESA which pays you 50% on top of your existing $50 investment. At any rate, 50% per month you are going to be in fat city very soon. The first month you investment becomes $75.00, to which you add another $50.00 making your investment $125.00. At the end of s your balance grows to $187.50. Then you add another $50.00 making that investment for the month $237.50 which matures into $356.25 and so on. But if you can afford it the WESA program will be working for you and not you for it! If you haven't ALREADY joined the WESA program, then click the following banner and join . . . it is required!


Now, after joining WESA, you may wish to consider extending your income to a $1,000 per month more, The cost is only $3.00 more. The best part is we will give you the $3,00 IF you commit to doing the same for AT LEAST 2 other persons. You may wish to wait to sponsor the 2 other people after you have made your first $1,000. However, you will reach your earning sooner by sponsoring asap.

If you accept our proposition then send an email to the following BEFORE upgrading to MWESA. Include in the email your PayPal account email address; We will send $3.00 to your PayPal account. Once you verify funds to be in your account click HERE, or the banner following, to be transferred to our MWESA website and make your payment. WARNING: We closely monitor your compliance with these instructions. If you fail to comply YOU WILL FORFEIT any and all commission from this program!

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