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How Do We PAY You!


The following PDF is set up for you to direct us on WHERE to make your annual distribution. The Preliminary/Mandatory programs and the TWO, or however many programs you opt in which to participate pay you from other programs and are initial or daily operative programs. We have opted to make the information provided in the PDF to be secretive in nature for YOUR protection. Transmitting personal information over the Internet is ALWAYS susceptible to hacking, REGARDLESS of the precautions setup by the website. Requiring the information to be sent through the mail is the ONLY way to ensure that your personal information is NOT compromised. Click the PDF icon, download it (IN COLOR) , physically complete the form, make a copy for your records and send it to the following address:
Mark Pendleton
c/o Jobs4profit HDWPY
321 Starcrest Drive.
Salt Lake City, UT 84116

 The form MUST be in OUR offices AT LEAST 30 days PRIOR TO the first distribution. If not, you will forfeit the distribution and you will have to wait ONE YEAR for the next distribution. We will send you an email to verify reception of the document. 
How Do We Pay You - PDF

Help Us Reach Our Investment Goal

If you would like to assist us in reaching our Target Membership goal, which means helping us to reach sooner the payout period then check out our referral program. We will pay for each referral you send our way. Remember, however, any referrals you direct to this program become part of the Membership of this program and therefore incur the same requirements as you and are NO LONGER YOUR referral.

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