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Our Own Rescue


Get paid over * $2,000 * per month WITHOUT referring a single person. Fast moving powerline - And get paid 6 ways - The program is open internationally 


Only $9.95 per month 

(After a ONE TIME affiliate fee of $40.00)


EVERYONE who joins after you, falls UNDER YOU - AND YOU GET PAID (WOWThis program is spreading like wildfire - People are flocking-in


You DO NOT have to purchase ANY products (none) - If you do mot . . . YOU STILL EARN!


The program pays weekly down through 10 generations deep. Take the FREE tour, then lock-in your position ASAP... The sooner you join, the more money you make!

A BRIGHT future awaits!

Click the banner below!

  Mark C. Pendleton


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Payment Gateways


Do you want to get paid? If so YOU MUST  have accounts with either Payza or PayPal (if you live in Texas), or one of the following. PLEASE MAKE SURE to have your accounts established BEFORE you complete the "JOIN" application.

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The banner below is for a religious global ministry. IF you are interested in helping a program that helps people click the banner and see if there are offers of interest to you which when you click the links will add to their coffers. to edit text

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