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Vortic  United

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The vision of Vortic is clear and unambiguous. Vortic United will become one of the first reliable investment communities that will simplify this highly complex market and let everyone benefit from its potential. Our main goal is to create a community that benefits from the different aspects of the crypto market. Our entire community will benefit from unique opportunities and we will have a significant impact on the crypto market with our upcoming projects.

How To Participate in Vortic United


Participating in Vortic United is quite simple. Just follow the directions following and you should have no difficulty . . .

Join Vortic as a free member using the banner link below

Deposit minimum of $50.00 in either:




Purchase Portfolio in the amount of deposited crypto

Daily Profit

Daily Profit is the profits you generate on your portfolio, let me give you a quick overview: ⚖️ Daily profits will be credited to the profit balance from Monday to Friday at 23:45 UTC. 💰 On Saturday, at 00:15 UTC, profits will be moved from profit balance to main balance.

  Mark C. Pendleton


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Payment Gateways


Do you want to get paid? If so YOU MUST  have accounts with either Payza or PayPal (if you live in Texas), or one of the following. PLEASE MAKE SURE to have your accounts established BEFORE you complete the "JOIN" application.


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The banner below is for a religious global ministry. IF you are interested in helping a program that helps people click the banner and see if there are offers of interest to you which when you click the links will add to their coffers. to edit text

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