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Referral Program


This referral program is different from any other referral program with which you may already be familiar. First off, THIS IS NOT AN AFFILIATE PROGRAM! You DO NOT receive ongoing residuals predicated upon the efforts and activities of those you refer. Your receive JUST ONE $5.00 payment or ONE $100.00 payment based upon your selection on the referral form. 

We, normally, DO NOT offer referral Bonuses in during PHASE 1 of our program. Reason for which, referrals are notoriously unreliable and unproductive. We will, however, during PHASE 2 of our program launch it on a self replicating platform where membership provides for referral earnings most like other programs. HOWEVER, in the interest of expediency WE ARE OFFERING YOU A REFERRAL BONUS of such to help us reach our 1 million participation goal as-soon-as-possible! UNDERSTAND this provision is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from any other referral program, and if all is in consideration, your rewards will be quite more lucrative. Since our program DOES NOT categorize members membership and sub-membership (referred members) YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE TO KEEP TRACT OF THOSE YOU REFER TO THIS PROGRAM. Since your referrals will be viewed by our software as direct memberships.

For EACH person that joins as a result of your efforts WE WILL PAY YOU $5.00 to either your PayPal, UpHold, Venmo, or bitcoin account. You however, MUST provided us with the account information.



Now, consider the the lucrativeness of our proposition. With other referral programs you receive a small amount for referred members. Ask yourself, "How long will it take to earn $5.00 PER referral?!" The answer: a VERY long time. In fact, you would have to refer sever hundred to several thousand to earn. When will you be paid?! IMMEDIATELY after your referral has complied with either of the netSpend actions in the Preliminary section of this website. In other words, when your referral procured her/his debit cards and loaded it/them with $40.00. We will add your funds to your account as soon as the money reaches ours. To participate in this provision you must complete the following application process and send it to us. MAKE SURE you download the application.

The application MUST include the following information:

  1.   Your name under which you have joined our program

  2.   Your email address you used to join OUR program

  3.   How and when you wish to be paid (you may opt for IMMEDIATELY or When you balance reaches a specified amount)

  4.   A complete list of all the people you referred. Said information MUST include the name referral used to join, her/his  email address under which she/he has joined.

  5.    Date referral has join.

When you are ready click the PDF link below to open the PDF file application. Download it and complete it and send THE COPY to us through the email link at the bottom of the form. We will send you an acknowledgement of having received you application.

Now, if you would prefer a larger recompense for providing us with a referral, we will pay you $100.00 for each referral you refer who joins our program. NOTE: THIS IS AN EITHER/OR OPPORTUNITY! YOU CANNOT CLAIM BOTH. This opportunity is to be paid in addition to the annual distribution. YOU MUST SO INDICATE THIS DECISION by checking either the IMMEDIATE PAYEMENT or DELAYED PAYEMNT box on the Referral Form. YOU MAY NOT MIX PAYMENT OPTIONS, SELECT BOTH, OR CHANGE DECISIONS. IT IS EITHER/OR AND CANNOT BE CHANGED! It may seem to you that $100.00 may be an insufficient compensation to relinquish rights to a referral, However, in all actuality $100.00 is probably more than you would gain from anyone referral in a lifetime, plus you will be receiving $35,000.00 annually for your participation in our program.

Mark C. Pendleton


Referral Program


Click the PDF following. Download the form and complete it. Then upload the form and email it to

United Sates of America Citizenship - Application



When completed mail THE ORIGINAL document to address appearing at bottom of the form ... OR to the following address

Mark Pendleton

Jobs 4 Profit-Int.

c/o Referral Bonus

321 Star Crest Dr.

Salt Lake City, UT  84116


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