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Infinity Traffic Boost . . . WOW!

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So, you want to make money online. well, here is your opportunity . . . and IT ISN'T even going to cost you a dime, with the J4P Difference to the ITB program. Join the 15,915+ Members That Already participate in this Innovative System that Delivers Effective Exposure to Active Members who Benefit, along with us, via the World's first Legal and Sustainable Surfers Rewards Pool and an Infinite Depth Referral Rewards Plan that Pays You 30-80% Instant Commissions... Signup 100% Free Today!" Infinity Traffic Boost ("ITB") is a Simple yet Powerful Advertising and Income System that will pay you Bitcoin Daily for surfing and referring others to do the same. Better yet, you can earn larger and larger Bitcoin referral commissions (up to 80%!) on purchases of our Advertising Products (TPO - Traffic Package Options).

Do you have more time than money? Great, we'll show you how to get started fast and start earning right away. Perhaps you have more money than time? Fantastic, we'll show you how you can earn massive instant pay Bitcoin that we pay you to infinity depth and infinity width. We have designed ITB to provide you with all the benefits of recurring income, infinity depth earnings, top quality advertising for your business and even "On Demand, Instant Commission Withdrawals" that can be paid out in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Lite Coin or Ethereum!

Now, the J4P Difference. The IS NOT part of ITB. We are members just like you. What we have done is incentivized your joining ITB as our referral. This, in effect. increases the spend through which you proceed the ITB program. This means you get to your level faster. We will pay your first upgrade TPO after you complete your FIRST 100 ad views. There is no need to contact. We scan. DAILY, our downline matrix to see who is doing what.

  Mark C. Pendleton


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Payment Gateways


Do you want to get paid? If so YOU MUST  have accounts with either Payza or PayPal (if you live in Texas), or one of the following. PLEASE MAKE SURE to have your accounts established BEFORE you complete the "JOIN" application.


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The banner below is for a religious global ministry. IF you are interested in helping a program that helps people click the banner and see if there are offers of interest to you which when you click the links will add to their coffers. to edit text

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