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Our Own Rescue

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Only a $10 one-time = $7,770 within weeks (very doable) If you are knee deep in bills and haven't joined, do NOT dismiss this for the sake of 10 dollars. This is moving fast!

The above is what you can make with STAGE 1. Only a one-time $10 out-of-pocket donation provides:


The potential to receive $7,770 plus $77,700    (then rinse and repeat)

* Only 3 followers needed - Lots of spill-over

* Proceeds are paid member to member 

* There are NO admin or monthly fees

* ATelegram group, Zoom meetings, training etc


Check out the information at the site - Including; How It Works, FAQ's, Testimonials, then join today. ONLY a ONE Time 10 dollar donation CAN seriously change your life! If you are interested click the following banner to be directed to our website page to join. The mission is to provide a project and strategy which allows others to achieve FINANCIAL Stability and a Self-Reliance previously unobtained. We work together as a community to help each other toward our ultimate goal of financial stability and independence. We have a simple, proven system that works... but only if you work!

Now, here is where it gets interesting. WE are going to PAY YOUR donation. Why? Basically we are paying ourselves to advance you on to the program and since if you paid you own donation it, ULTIMATELY, would come directly to us so what's the difference?! So, if you would like us to pay your donation fee, click the PDF icon below, complete the form and send it to us via

  Mark C. Pendleton


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Payment Gateways


Do you want to get paid? If so YOU MUST  have accounts with either Payza or PayPal (if you live in Texas), or one of the following. PLEASE MAKE SURE to have your accounts established BEFORE you complete the "JOIN" application.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

The banner below is for a religious global ministry. IF you are interested in helping a program that helps people click the banner and see if there are offers of interest to you which when you click the links will add to their coffers. to edit text

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