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Wealth Step By Step is one of the fastest growing programs on the Globe right now and for good reasons! The first thing people always want to know is 'How Much'. It's inexpensive (only $15 a month). It was purposely priced this low to help the struggling 'Little Guys' of the world.

What does it give you and what does it do for you? For that $15 dollars, you get unique capture pages with a built-in Autoresponder. That in itself is so worth it. But there's more... You are placed in Phase 1 3x4 Forced Matrix. This pay plan is both simple and powerful:


  • Get $10 Fast Cash Bonuses for each direct referral.

  • Get $4 a month from every member placed in your downline from both your uplines and downlines...


Yes, you can make money WITHOUT referring a soul. Many of our members have already filled their Phase 1 and from their commissions, they move to Phase 2 3x6 Forced Matrix (they never have to pay more than their $15 a month) and their downlines follow them in each Phase. Phase 2 also has products that include a custom made lead capture page. Phase 3 is the full-blown 3x10 forced matrix. This is where you tell your boss goodbye forever! Again all your downlines follow you and you don't have any out-of-pocket expenses. The product for this Phase is two bottles of their best Prebiotic Formula for gut health

Wealth Step By Step is so different, so unique with an owner who really wants his members to experience wealth starting small and building BIG!

  • It's Product-Based

  • It's Global

  • It's Residual

Where else can you find ANYTHING like this for $15 a month?! Don't hesitate for a second, get started today... (50 cents a day)!

Take action now - There really are no more excuses! You would be crazy to dismiss this - It's simple and extremely affordable (lowest in the Industry)! Click the banner below.

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