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US Defi Pool


Everyone that is a member of this program is a member of WESA either by following "Preliminaries" or through the By-In Option. Either way to meet the requirements of this program you must be an active member of WESA. This page is a strategy presented to increase the daily earnings of the program since you have to log in daily and read the mail you

might as well get extra money. NOW THIS IS ONLY A RECOMMENDATION and not a requirement. You make the final decision.

DeFi liquidity mining is based on the new generation of ETH2.0 mainnet DeFi node on-chain mining method, is also the new mining method after bitcoin, mainly for the use of USDT storage consensus mechanism of the public chain holders, DeFi that is Decentralized finance, aims to eliminate the inherent defects of centralization, simplify the user threshold, each user Through the node that can become a chain business model liquidity contributors, users only need to join the community to become virtual miners, the first time to join the community charges to activate individual nodes in the chain docking miners mining interface, USDT chain digital assets to operate, so that each liquidity contributors to gain benefits. USDT stored in their own wallets, no risk of becoming '0', and more freedom and flexibility to exit. Encouraging the DeFi ecosystem, which explicitly caters to individual users rather than institutions through decentralized protocols for personal wallets and trading services, could generate millions of dollars in revenue for liquidity contributors each year.

Now. this NOT A FREE program . . . it is an investment program into which WE ARE going to pay you "gas" (transaction fee) In Ethereum. We are going to pay you double of the ETH required fee DIRECTLY into your account. Following are the Step by Step, WHICH you will need to follow TO . . . THE . . . LETTER to be able to invest into the program. If you decide to do so, on a $100.00 investment you will earn circa $ Meaning you will be in clear profit on LESS than 2 months.


STEP - 1: You will need to have a minimum of $100.00 in USDT coin.


STEP - 2: You need an account with coinbase                  and MetaMask.           (if you have neither you may click on either icon to be directed to either to create an account)

STEP - 3: After you have purchased $100.00 in USDT (Tether) (don't forget the transaction fee) SEND that amount in USDT to your MetaMask account. (DO NOT PURCHASE THE AMOUNT! Press "Receive" in your MetaMask account) 

STEP - 4: In your MetaMask account you will see a page like the following after you press the "Receive button for 3 seconds"










Advantages of the program are:


                It is safe

                No transfers, USDT in your own wallet ----'0'risk



                Based on the blockchain technology of the DeFi project and the secure operation of the Binance team.

                Low threshold

                Only $100USDT storage, sharing node mining revenue

Now to be eligible for this offer you must first be an active member of the Jobs4Profit program, having completed all the programs identified in the Preliminary and Mandatory programs section of this website.

Copy and paste this address onto your Coinbase to direct Coinbase to send the USDT funds to your MetaMask account. Once funds transfer, send us THE SAME ADDRESS IN A TEXT TO THE FOLLOWING EMAIL ADDRESS ETH.GASFUND@GMAIL.COM. We will send circa $5.00 to that address you have sent to us. go to next screen. It will resemble the screen to the right showing an amount

After you have verified our payment to your account go back to MetaMask to Import Tokens. Click the button as shown in the image to the right This will allow you to receive USDT from Coinbase.

On this page where it says "Search for Tokens" type in USDT. They should appear in your account in the amount of USDT that you imported from Coinbase. You should now see a page like the one on the right. Click the 3 horizontal lines in the upper left hand extreme of the Account 1 page.

The page will have 3 destination links: Browser, Wallet, and Activity. Click the one which signifies "Browser.." A page will appear similar to the one just below and to the left.

To the left is the page that will allow you to search the URL or record the URL for the Defi pool. The URL is the one that was provided to you when you pressed the browser button on the previous page. Copy and paste the link you received 

Towards the bottom of the page you will see four icons. To the far right there is an icon of a man that says Mine. Below that icon there are 3 dots. Click the 4 dots and select this as ypur favorites. Now, scroll up the page to the yellow radial that says "Start Mining" and click that button. Now go back to the man icon that has "Mine" beneath it and click that icon, as seen by the imahe to the right.

A new page will open with four destination fields: Join, Transfer to pledge. Transfer to balance, and Withdraw. Click the button that is designated "Join" Then input, in round numbers the amount of USDT you transferred from Coinbase.

On the same page you will see the amount of USDT you have committed to trade. If you committed $100.00 you will accrue circa $1.68/day. The amount you commit will determine the amount you accrue daily. If you commit $5,000 you will accrue circa $96.00/day/. Click the box as depicted to the right to see how the program has been going since its inception

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