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TRX Auto Grow


Everyone that is a member of this program is a member of WESA either by following "Preliminaries" or through the By-In Option. Either way to meet the requirements of this program you must be an active member of WESA. This page is a strategy presented to increase the daily earnings of the program since you have to log in daily and read the mail you

might as well get extra money. NOW THIS IS ONLY A RECOMMENDATION and not a requirement. You make the final decision.

TRX AutoGrow is pool based investment platform for the crypto-currency known as Tron (TRX). As you may be aware TRX is growing steadily in value as did Bitcoin. As it grows it value is increasingly reaching a status that will ultimately be financially prohibitive, like bitcoin. By joining our link you are being personally invited to join our exclusive. We have invited you personally to join our private advertising and earnings club that will show you: "How To Grow Your Tron Cryptocurrency On Autopilot". You have been found to have the unique qualities that we are looking for. All you have to do is complete your registration today to get started and follow the directions in your back office members area.


Following are the instruction for you to claim the Investment/Payment for the TRX AutoGrowgram noted above. UNDERSTAND THIS IS A ONE-TIME PAYMENT/GRANT to purchase 2 coins. This number of coins should allow you a comfortable income.

  • Follow instructions on TRXAutoGrow

  • Send to your PayPal address and your TrxAutoGrow ID information (we will send to your PayPal account $3.00, you must use these funds to purchase 2 tron).

  • Purchase 2 coins ((REMEMBE: THIS IS A ONE-TIME GRANT) Also note that this amount will adjust according as Tron value fluctuates so that you will be able to purchase 2 Tron).

Your membership automatically allows you to become an affiliate. Purchase tron only after you have received PayPal payment.

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