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Frequently Asked Questions


If you do not see your question . .. or one with similarity below please feel free to use the form below to submit your own. However, please do not waist time . . . ours or yours by asking questions which have some semblance of having been answered.


To use this FAQ page questions are offset in BLUE and italics the corresponding response is in THIS color.


When will I get paid? That depends upon when the Target Membership is reached. Target Membership is when membership reaches one million ACTIVE participants. AFTER Target Membership is reached 90 days FOLLOWING ACTIVE STATUS your FIRST commission of either $35,000 will be made. Then subsequently the FIRST MONDAY of the FIRST FULL WEEK of the following January your annual commissions will begin and continue to do so, PROVIDED... you completely your WEEKLY work requirement.


How will I get Paid? Through PayPal,  or netSpend, the choice is yours.


Can I change payment Gateway?  No! Once Gateway has been input into the system, Gateway CANNOT be changed.


Can you simplify how this works? Yes. Read through the entire site! If you choose to join, Join Up first by going to (Welcome Page) and register, Second, complete "JOIN" application (Join page) Join ALL programs on "Preliminaries" page, then join AT LEAST TWO programs on CORE Programs Page. Here you will spend your 5 hour weekly work requirement. You will earn money as you participate in each program and for your time we will pay you $35,000, every year for the rest of your life!


This is some sort of scam, right?  Why does this question crop up and more importantly what kind of response do you expect! No scam is readily going to admit they are a scam. But in response, of course we are no scam! There are things about us that should prove to you that we are legitimate, which I have already discussed in the Into material. But to recap: How much money are we asking of you? NONE! Now how many scams do you know of that do not ask for money let alone money up front. A recent Due Diligence (DD) of mine as with a program called CashTask. They claimed to pay participants $1.00 for completion of assigned tasks. Requirements were to earn $1,000 first, then BEFORE one could cash out one had to UPGRADE. If they were truly legit all the tasks completed paid them a fortune by your building to a $1,000. How much money will we EVER ask of you? NONE! You can see from the links that I am a Christian and an evangelist and I am NOT going to do anything to soil that title or to embarrass Christ. 


Can my spouse join?  Yes . . . any spouse may join as long as the following criteria are met: 1) she/he has VERIFIABLE legal identification, 2) she/he has a SEPARATE payment account, and 3) she/he has a separate IP address and a separate email account. Why a separate IP address? Many of the programs to which you will be sent require this, not us. This can, easily, be remedied by using a tablet, smart phone or separate computer for each separate account.


How old can I be to participate? For legal reasons as far as taxes are concerned the MINIMUM age we accept as a Sub-Contractor is at least 18 years of age. Now we understand that several of the programs we direct you to have lower minimum  age requirement we, however, set the minimum age for participation at 18 which for legal purposes is much easier.


Why are you so strict as to weekly online requirement?  We are concerned with the confusion as to our inflexibility of weekly requirements. We, if we are understanding the concern correctly, require a 5 hour minimum work week requirement, and we agree the wording doesn't appear to afford the participant any latitude. While we are adamant concerning the work requirement we are willing to provide SOME latitude as to the AMOUNT OF WORK REQUIRED EACH WEEK, if this is the concern. There are 52 weeks in a year and 5 hours per week translates into 260 hours per year. We understand that some of you may be unable of working a minimum of 5 hours per week but, if provided opportunity can make it up at other times so this is what we are going to do. You ARE STILL REQUIRED to commit 260 of online work through the programs posted, however, WE ARE REQUIRING YOU TO DO THAT REQUIRED TIME IN 5 HOUR WEEKLY INTERVALS! YOU MAY NOT bunch the time in a period shorter than 52 weeks. FIVE HOURS WEEKLY... MEANS 5 HOURS PER WEEK! If you wish to do more, you may, but NEVER fewer than 5 hours per week!


You CLAIM this is FREEEEEE! What are these $40 buck and $50 expenditures we have to pay to netSpend ?! First off they are NOT expenditures, and secondly, this program is 100% FREE for to you and there are ABSOLUTELY no payments you make to us in order to get you to be a participant. The $40.00 amounts of which you speak are PAYMENTS TO YOURSELF!!! THE ARE DEPOSITS TO YOUR OWN ACCOUNTS YOU SET UP THROUGH THE LINKS WE PROVIDE. WE DO NOT receive a penny of it. You are PAYING YOURSELF the $40.00 when you load YOUR netSpend debit card account with $40.00. It is YOUR money and ALWAYS WILL be YOUR money. In fact when you load YOUR debit cards with the $40.00 dollars netSpend will IMMEDIATELY GIVE you $20.00 dollars more making YOUR IMMEDIATELY available balance $60.00 dollars. So you make $20.00 dollars to PAY YOURSELF $40.00 dollars! Now there are many programs out there that say they are "FREE" but for you to PROVE to them you are serious about working through them and REQUIRE you to pay a "small" earnest which they claim will be paid back to you AFTER you have made a profit with them. Well consider the $40.00 dollars as an earnest investment in YOURSELF! The major difference here is that you are paying YOURSELF to participate in our program, you make $20.00 dollars IMMEDIATELY when you pay yourself, and you do not have to make money to be paid back. It is a small price to pay to invest in YOURSELF! And, if you are not willing to invest $40.00 dollars in YOURSELF, then you are probably not willing to put in just 5 hours a week to build financial independence for yourself!  There is ABSOLUTELY no risk in complying.


Is this an MLM? No. Neither is it a Ponzi. Both MLMs and Ponzi require upfront money to themselves. MLMs require you to get a large number of people in your downline performing the same activities you are doing. Or you have to purchase a lot of product to earn money. A Ponzi only pays you from the money put into the program by referrals. Ponzis are illegal while MLMs are not.  We ask you for and except no money from you . . . EVER!


What do you get out of it?! As you EARN money FOR YOURSELF we earn money for our being your referrer to the programs we direct you to. With a base of 1 million active participants we receive a substantial amount which we invest on to the International Currency Exchange which allows us to stimulate economies globally and turn enough of a return to pay you the $35,000. Those returns are also used to fund other programs we have including our Global Ministry call Paradigm Ministries International. Eventually we hope to provide $15,000 incomes for 100 million Americans which will virtually end the recession and keep it from ever happening again and help compensate for the losses millions have incurred because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

How can you afford to do this? Simply, we have International Traders able to trade multiple times daily and earn the funds we need to make payments to you. We, however, MUST have one million active members to accomplish this goal. The referral rewards we receive from your participation is what we invest to earn these payments.

Why don't you offer an affiliate or referral program? Actually we do . . . with our main program, which is PHASE 2. We, however, need to reach that plateau, so to speak. Offering an affiliate or referral program in this phase of the program would be, we feel, counter productive to our reaching that goal for numerous reasons, the most specific of which is that direct referring to the program, for the most part ensures membership participation in helping us reach our goal asap. Usually, which unfortunately is the norm rather the exception, affiliate/referrals tend to not be as motivated as sponsors in accomplishing assigned tasks. With the Target Membership being comprised as first level members, they are more likely to do what is necessary in assisting us to reach our specified goals.


Do I have to put this payment on my taxes?  You should, however, that is totally up to you. We are going to report each payment for our tax liabilities. In fact you CANNOT get paid until AFTER we have your tax information identification. We are magnanimous, however we are not going to pay your taxes for you.

Why can't I keep my membership in NeoBux . . . why do I have to cancel my membership to be part of your program? YOU DO NOT HAVE TO QUIT your existing memberships, that is UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE PART OF THIS PROGRAM!!! For THIS program to work for you as we advertise WE NEED THE REFERRAL/PARTICIPATION BONUSES so we can invest those funds into our world trading pool. It is those earnings that we use to fund ALL our programs and to PAY YOU! We are not asking you for money just your time and we will pay you for that. But if you are not performing the tasks under OUR referral links WE DO NOT RECEIVE THE INVESTMENT FUNDSIF you want OUR money you are going to have to FOLLOW OUR RULES and REQUIREMENTS! IF you are earning $35,000 a year from your memberships . . . YOU DO NOT NEED US! I like to thank you for your time and consideration and wish you all the best. We have already made concessions in this area and we are not going to make any more. You will earn money for your activities as our referrals, as you were doing before, HOWEVER, we are going to pay you AGAIN for doing what you have already done. However, if you want to participate, then take the Buy-In Option. That allows you to purchase your position in the program WITHOUT having to join those programs on the Preliminaries page.

Why don't you have surveys?  From OUR experiences, Surveys are a waste of time for various reasons, not the least of which is that not everybody can qualify for all surveys. The time required, for most survey qualifications takes too much time and there is no guarantee that one qualifies for the survey, and so you have to try again with a different survey. We, however, do have one survey platform in our CORE matrix and that is Paid Viewpoint. We have found this to be the most equitable is qualifying.

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