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Future Plans

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It is our intent, once the 1 million USA membership, is reached, to expand membership to include both USA membership and International membership. In fact the USA membership will be open to 99 million members and International membership will reach 5 million. NOTE HOWEVER, ONLY the FIRST year AFTER those memberships are reached will the total membership received the payouts of $7,500 (non-US) and $12,000 (US) respectively be paid. To maintain those payouts those members will be required to join additional programs, several of which ARE NOT free. That site will be self replicating and each member will be assigned a referral code from which they will be benefited by the work done by their referrals. The major difference between programs, beside the commission, is that for those members will receive a ONE TIME benefit. To maintain the annual benefit they will be required to make expenditures with some of the programs as-well-as ad additional programs as they are made known to us.

Mark C. Pendleton


  Mark C. Pendleton


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