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How It Works


How does it work?! Follow instructions and EARN! It is as simple as that! But before starting, however, you need set up your tax identification status. The most common is your SSN, however, for your security, we are asking you for a W-9. This information MUST be provide to us BEFORE you get paid! 


You will be either a Sole Proprietorship using either a TIN, or EIN (W-9) for tax purposes. For your security and protection . . .  PLEASE DO NOT USE YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. You are responsible for your own tax legalities as a sub-contractor for us. You will join programs on the Internet and participate in each as THEY direct. Your requirement to us is to spend ONLY 5 hours a week working the programs.  You may join any or all the the programs to complete your weekly work requirement. It is up to you. You MUST, however, join EACH program through OUR referral links and perform ALL work from accounts set up through OUR referral links. Just just make sure you have put in AT LEAST 260 hours each year at 5 hour weekly intervals! Five hours per week....MEANS, 5 hours per week!!! You ae free to put in more hours if YOU desire. Doing more increases your week income. 


The following Steps outline Phase 1. Just do the work and you will be fine.


Sign Up as a Member "WELCOMEpage . . . .


Complete the "How Do We Pay You" page.

Please Note That The Preceding Page MUST Be on File In Our Offices NO LESS Than 90 Days Prior To The Distribution Phase

(Before moving to next step make sure you have payment gateways to set up.) You Will Need At Least One Of Them in which to receive PaymenT

Join ALL programs on Preliminaries page, then . . .

Join AT LEAST TWO programs from "CORE Programs" page.

Spend AT LEAST 5 hours per week working programs you have selected.


In A Nut Shell!

We send you to online businesses. They PAY you for your work and AT THE END OF YEAR 1 (actually 90 days following the the last member's compliance in the Target Membership) we PAY you $35,000 if you are a legal and tax pay taxes resident of the United States. As such, in compliance, you qualify for the $35,000 as long as your status remains the same, that is FOLLOWING the Target Membership having been reached!) for the SAME activity you have ALREADY done! In other words:

We PAY you to EARN money FOR yourself!

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