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*Yeah . . . yeah I know, I know: "This sounds TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!! Yeah, a familiar axiom, one to which we have long been acclimated. The complete saying: "If it sounds too good to be true . . . then, it probably is!" And that's the conclusion to which we have  long been conditioned to believe . . . and NOT without good reason because there are A LOT of scams out there all over the Internet. But, there in lies the problem as well. Just take a moment, however, to consider . . . "What if it isn't, as many would say: too good to be true!" What if a program can and does EXACTLY what it claims it CAN and WILL do , . . WITHOUT , costing you a penny!" Would THAT be worth a FEW moments of your time?


International participants will be allowed during the LAUNCH of Phase 2 the program which will begin after we procure 1 million USA registered participants.  International members MUST BE ABLE to provide acceptable tax information that will appease OUR IRS.


As I said, My name is Mark C. Pendletonand this program WILL work to alleviate the financial problems of our economy, and in the light of this, "pandemic," and its lingering effects, the need for a program like this has never been greater! Eventually, 1/3 of all Americans will benefit through this program. Let's face it, due to this outbreak of Covid, many have been thrust into financial crises the likes of which have never been seen. Businesses closing, people losing their jobs and so on. I have developed a program that promises to repair and keep a financial collapse, like this, from ever happening again. This one "home based" business will, eventually, provide 99 PLUS million Americans a BASE income of $15,000 ABSOLUTELY FREE, each and every year, IF they are willing to commit 5 hours per week, working on the Internet!

However, BEFORE we can reach that goal we need 1 million ACTIVE members to make this Phase of the program a reality. This Phase contracts with 1 million Americans to work only 5 hours a week doing what they already do on the Internet, making money for themselves, We will pay them additionally $35,000 for their efforts as our sub-contractors/referral, each year for THE REST OF THEIR LIVES!!! ACTIVE participation IS MANDATORY! Annual distribution occurs ONLY if participation in MANDATED programs is observed. "QUALIFICATION" also means EACH sub-contractor/referral provides proper TAX information Which means a current W-9. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic the second phase of this program will be a God send for a third of America and a small portion of the world. The compensation, however, will not be the same as those of you who join us now.

Your time is valuable, as is ours, so we are not going to waste it with useless rhetoric. Simple and to the point, we offer an answer to the financial problems of the United States,  and it works! You, however, decide whether to join or not. What we ask? Do what you may already be doing . . . making money. But, do it not only for yourselves but also for us as our sub-contractors. KEEP YOUR DOWNLINES, KEEP YOUR EARNINGS. In fact, we DON'T want your  money or your referrals. Do not tell your referrals of THIS program. If you do, they may join us and you will lose them as referrals. We are asking you to join TWO GPT programs from our CORE matrix. After joining TWO from our CORE give your referrals your NEW referral link. But as OUR referral we are going to PAY YOU an additional $35,000 ON TOP of what you earn yourselves! We feel that buy joining us it is worth paying you $35,000 each year for your support. Just think an extra $35,000 a year . . . WITHOUT spending a penny, WITHOUT having to refer people, WITHOUT having to join A LOT of similar programs to increase your earnings, and WITHOUT, spending scandalous amounts of time clicking, joining, completing offers, reading emails, playing games, and so on?!" I dare say NOT . . . HOWEVER, if you can, then you do not need us. In these troubled times we are just what the doctor ordered. And the best part, YOU'LL be in control of your financial destinies. So what have you to lose?! Nothing! Except at least $35,000 a year of EXTRA MONEY. So, read through our site. Decide whether this is for you or not. If you choose to join us we wish to congratulate you on your decision for choosing freedom from your economic dependence and the same for your new life!

Mark C. Pendleton

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  Mark C. Pendleton

Are you ready to launch your finances into the stratosphere and beyond. Well let's make it happen beginning today, But before completing application to join, that is if that is the decision you make after perusing this site, in order to be paid YOU MUST have an account with AT LEAST one the following payment gateways. If you have none or neither just click the banner(s) of your choice following to be transferred to the respective site to set up a free account. Press " SKIP AD " after 5 seconds with each.

Payment Gateways




Before joining understand that YOU WILL NOT earn anywhere near $35,000 from most of the programs on this site individually or collectively. That is unless you invest money into the respective programs and have a considerable referral contingent following you and working the programs respectively and daily. The distribution of $35,000 you receive is predicated upon your meeting the requirements of OUR program and by so fulfilling the requirement you are paid as a Sub-contractor of our firm. THIS DISTRIBUTION IS ONLY FOR THE FIRST DISTRIBUTION AND SUBSEQUENT ANNUAL DISTRIBUTIONS UNTIL PROGRAM MEMBERSHIP IS REACHED AND ONLY FOR THOSE WHO JOIN THE PROGRAM AS PART OF THE TARGET MEMBERSHIP


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Clicking the banner above is for a religious global ministry. IF you're interested in helping a program that helps people click the banner.

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Just a few moments to consider what could possibly be the event that will change your financial situation and condition. Hello, thanks for coming to our website. My name is Mark C. Pendleton. I am the developer, founder and owner of the program and website: Jobs 4 Profit - International, and we are here to do EXACTLY that. Present you, the participant. with the opportunity to earn money over the Internet, ABSOLUTELY FREE! How much money. . . at least $75,000 THE FIRST YEAR FOLLOEING TARGET MEMBERSHIP IS REACHED, THEN $1,000,000 EVERY YEAR . . . FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! LIFE!  WITHOUT your EVER spending a cent! In fact, the preliminaries of our program will help you earn for yourself OVER $80 dollars and cost you absolutely nothing. 


So, how are you going to earn a MINIMUM of $1,000,000 dollars EVERY YEAR for life?! By spending only 5 hours a week doing what you may ALREADY be doing. The website explains this in greater detail, But the best part of this is that the work you will be doing WILL ALSO earn YOU money! So, you have absolutely NOTHING to lose.


Now, understand that NOT ALL of the programs on our site are free, HOWEVER, ONLY THOSE REQUIRED OF YOU ARE 100% FREE! And we will NEVER require you to spend any money or to ever require you to upgrade your position in any program!


So, if you are the least bit interested and/or the least bit curious peruse our website. There is no login requirement to use our site and there is no obligation. If, however, you wish to be counted among the membership to receive the annual payout benefit, then you must register on the website and complete the LOI, (Letter of Intent), BEFORE, completing any of the program requirements for the annual benefit. For those of you who are venturesome enough to join us as a FOUNDER your annual remuneration will be AT LEAST . . . $1,000,000 . . . and quite possibly more!  So, what you to lose!

"*" The year INITIATES once the Target Membership of 1 million ACTIVE members is reached. Ninety days (90) days hence the first commission distribution occurs! "ACTIVE" means each member completes the "Preliminaries" and performs the weekly activity requirement.

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